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Top 10 Baby Essentials for 3-6 Months

Baby Essentials for 3-6 Month Olds


When you find something that makes your life easier as a parent, you want to share it with everyone you know. These are the top 10 items we found helpful when Lawson was 3 to 6 months old.


baby deedee sleep sack: we used after Lawson was too big to be swaddled (he would move around and the swaddle would come apart). we still use it at 9 months; it gives him an extra layer of warmth in the winter.

sophie the giraffe (big and small) and banana toothbrush teether: Lawson’s favorite teethers seem to change daily, but sophie is always a hit and recently he’s started to like the banana toothbrush.

ergo 360 baby carrier: I use the ergo baby carrier when we fly and also when we go to the grocery store or Target. We actually have the regular version, but I wish I would have gotten the 360 version where they can face in or out. I think he’d like that better.

stokke steps high chair: we definitely splurged on a high chair. We’ve been using it for several months now and love it; it’s easy to clean and fits with our style. We got ours as a set at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, but I don’t see that as an option now so you have to purchase the tray, etc. separately.

mam pacifiers and madeline’s box pacifier clips: Lawson sleeps with a minimum of 3 pacifiers at night. These are easy for him to grab and put in his mouth on his own, which is key at night. And pacifier clips are a must have when you’re out of the house, especially on flights. I don’t leave home without one.

baby jogger summit x3: we use our jogging stroller at least once a day on walks/jogs. it’s a smooth ride and easy to collapse. it is heavier so I wouldn’t recommend it for every day errands.

baby & toddler cookbook, storage containers and spoons: when Lawson was ready to start eating solids, I had no idea what to feed him. this cookbook has been really helpful. it’s organized into chapters by age. each chapter starts with an overview that I’ve found useful. now that he eats more, I try to spend a few hours making and freezing a bunch and have ordered more storage containers twice. lastly, the boon spoons are a great size for a little guy.

gathre mat: we have both the midi and mini sizes of these mats. we use the midi daily on top of our rug. we’ve also taken it to the park and plan on using it at the beach too. it is incredibly easy to wipe clean.

covered goods nursing cover: although I mostly nursed at home, I used this nursing cover whenever we’re out. we also use it as a cover for his carseat when he’s sleeping, the sun is in his face or it’s raining/cold. it’s one of the most versatile baby items we have.

touch and feel books (pat the bunny, things that go) : around 5-6 months, Lawson started turning pages on his own and exploring different textures. pat the bunny is still one of his favorites, although the red feathers on one of the pages are dwindling!


for other items we’ve used and loved, check out baby essentials for newborn to 3 months

Baby Essentials: Newborn to 3 Months



Now that Lawson is almost 6 months old, it’s easier to look back on the first few months. There are definitely a few items that were lifesavers during that time. Jim and I sat down and thought about the things we couldn’t have survived without. Other than the basics like a crib, breast pump, etc., these are the 13 items that helped us through the first 3 months of life with a newborn (see my pregnancy essentials here).

aden + anais swaddles: Swaddling comforted Lawson during his first few weeks. We tried a few different kinds and loved the aden + anais swaddles, particularly the muslin swaddles. They are a little thicker and held the swaddle better.

essential oil: Lawson was (and still is) a happy spitter. He spit up a ton after nursing. One of my friends recommended an essential oil. We mix DoTERRA DigestZen with coconut oil and put a little on the bottom of his foot before breastfeeding Lawson. Honestly, some days I think it helps and others I’m not so sure, but we still use it to this day.

sprout baby app: In the hospital, they ask you to track feedings, sleep and diaper changes. Jim researched a bunch of different baby apps and we actually tried a couple before settling on sprout. It is so helpful when you’re sleep deprived and can’t remember the last time your little one had a diaper change. It also helped during visits to the pediatrician when they’d ask how much he was eating. I still track Lawson’s feedings and sleep; they have cool graphs and charts that are fun to see over time.

fisher-price rock ‘n play sleeper: This is the #1 item we couldn’t live without. Lawson took naps in it and sometimes slept in it at night when he wouldn’t sleep in his crib. The sleeper is easy to transport. I remember dragging it upstairs in the middle of the night to put him in it. Sometimes it was the only place he’d calm down.

avent and mam pacifiers: We had read you should hold off giving your baby a pacifier until they are 4 weeks old. I also had a lactation consultant recommend the same as it can interfere with their ability to nurse. One of the worst afternoons that I remember was when we wouldn’t give Lawson a pacifier. I think he cried for 4 hours. Finally I gave it to him and he was immediately comforted. We’ve never looked back. He used the avent pacifiers his first 4 months and then we switched to mam, which we actually like better.

mittens: Babies have sharp fingernails for such little things. Lawson was constantly scratching his face. We used these mittens, especially when he slept, to keep his baby face protected.

h&m onesies: This might be a first baby thing, but when they’re so small and their heads are unsteady, it’s hard to get clothes on over their head. I was so worried about hurting Lawson and dreaded changing him (and newborns go through lots of clothes). These onesies from H&M button on the side. Absolutely genius. Behind the Fisher-Price sleeper, these onesies are my 2nd favorite item.

butt paste: Your baby will get diaper rash. It’s just a fact of life. Whenever we saw the first signs, we’d put a little of the butt paste on Lawson’s bum and it would be cleared up by his next changing. It’s seriously that good.

hat: Newborns are always wearing a little hat starting in the hospital. Shopping for a cute option was one of my favorite pregnancy tasks. Lawson worn it at night for his first few weeks when we got home from the hospital too.

diaper bag & insert: When picking out a diaper bag, I wanted something I’d be able to use for longer. When I saw the life in play organizer, I knew it would work perfectly with a basic tote. Cuyana has a ton of colors to choose from and their leather bags are really soft. I only wish I would have had it engraved (I’m actually going to send it back to have it done now). The only downside is the tote handle isn’t long enough to hang on our stroller. I end up carrying the tote or putting it on the bottom of the stroller.

bathtub: Those first baths are one of the most stressful tasks for first-time parents. The 4Moms infant tub has worked great for us. It fits perfectly in our kitchen sink and the temperature gauge is really helpful for making sure it isn’t too hot or too cold.

burp cloths: If you’re lucky enough to have a happy spitter, you’ll find you need a ton of burp cloths. We got a few flannel receiving blankets as shower gifts that we ended up using for burp cloths. If I knew how much we’d use them, I would have picked up some with better absorbency; I’ve heard great things about the burt’s bees burp cloths.

black & white books: Lawson’s favorite book his first 3 months was Hello, Bugs! It’s mostly black and white with a few pops of bright colors. Since they can’t see colors as newborns, black and white books are key for their development.


I hope you find this list of baby essentials helpful for either yourself or your friends!



Pregnancy Essentials

pregnancy essentials


A few weeks ago I wrote about the clothes that have gotten me through this pregnancy. Today I wanted to share the products that I’ve found to be essential whether they’ve helped me to be a little more comfortable or pass the time when insomnia strikes.


Throughout the past 9 months, I’ve rotated between three lotions for my belly in an effort to keep it stretch mark free: 1) L’Occitane Shea Butter, 2) Earth Mama Body Butter, and 3) Burt’s Bees Mama Bee Belly Butter. The shea butter is the thickest, but I’ve liked all of them. I’ll report back in a few weeks to let you know if they worked or not. :)

It’s not a guarantee you’ll experience bum “issues” when pregnant, but if you do the Earth Mama Bottom Balm is the best. It’s natural and organic, which is important to me. I’ve also heard it’s great for post-labor too.

The first pregnancy gift I received was a body pillow. Although I’m ready to get rid of it so I can huddle up with my luv, it’s been a lifesaver. In the early months, it helped to alleviate pressure on my hips, shoulders and back from sleeping on my side. In the last weeks, it helps to support my belly at night.


We didn’t want to read a ton of books since we both believe we’ll need to figure out what works for us. That said, we needed some help. These are the books we found helpful: 1) Baby Owner’s Manual for an easy to read refresher on the basics (we actually read it out loud to each other at night which was a lot of fun), 2) Bringing up Bebe for another perspective, and 3) Babywise: Giving Your Baby the Gift of Nighttime Sleep to help us all get as much sleep as soon as possible. Last, I loved Dr. Suess books as a child so when we received Oh Baby, the Places You’ll Go as a Christmas gift, I couldn’t have been more excited. It’s meant to be read to your baby-to-be throughout your pregnancy. I think we’ve read it 50 times and have it mostly memorized, but it’s become a fun nighttime tradition.


After learning that dehydration is the #1 cause of premature labor and being advised to drink 96 oz. a day, I really made an effort to step up my water intake. A large water bottle is key. I know I need to drink three of these a day, which isn’t always easy but I do my best.


When insomnia strikes (and I guarantee it will), my iPad has been a godsend. In the middle of the night, I can grab it and hop on Pinterest, Facebook or research any number of pregnancy ailments. If that doesn’t work, I’ve been making my way through Friends on Netflix. It’s even funnier than I remember!


While it may be too late for me, I’d love to hear what’s helped you throughout your pregnancy!