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Gift Guide: Stocking Stuffers

Stocking Stuffer gift ideas

52 lists book // toothpaste // toothbrush // ornament // key chain // sugar lips // body polish // pint club // capture your style book // underwear set (also available at nordstrom) // bubble bath // pen set // chocolate // lip gloss // coin purse // bow sock // charades


Growing up we could always count on Santa stuffing our stocking with certain items: lip balm, toothbrush and paste (my mom was a hygienist), underwear, gum and a book or magazine.


I feel like I’m always declaring an item to be my favorite. But it’s true, most of the reason I love writing this blog is to share my favorites with you! This year’s stocking stuffer gift ideas are full of my favorites. There’s the best chocolate (cinnamon toast is my absolute favorite), sweet treat and ice cream. The pens I have in 5 different colors. And the lip gloss that I swear looks good on everyone.


In keeping with my childhood stocking stuffers, I’ve included a fancy toothbrush, natural toothpaste, underwear with the cheekiest name and 2 books on my wish list (one to up my Instagram game and the other to as a reminder to choose happiness). We’d occasionally find socks in our stocking too – how cute would these bow socks look with a pair of ankle boots?!


What will you find in your stocking on Christmas morning?


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Gift Guide: For the Minimalist

gift guide of best ideas for the minimalist


chambray shirt // amazon prime membership // laptop case // echo // book // concealer // denim jacket // 5-in-1 styling treatment // dyson hair dryer // new york times subscription // letter board // best of green beauty box // ankle boots


There’s little I love more than cleaning out my closet, or the entire house for that matter. Friends and family tease me about getting rid of items. I will admit I’ve become a little more sentimental after having kids, but I still love a good purge. I guess you could call me a self-proclaimed minimalist. 


This gift guide of best ideas for the minimalist in your life is full of items that make your life easier (Amazon Echo, Dyson hair dryer), combine multiple uses (5-in-1 styling treatment, concealer) or add to your day without additional physical products (Amazon prime membership, New York Times subscription).


If you’ve seen my Instagram stories, you know I love our letter board. I change our phrase every few days and also use it to take photos with the kids at certain milestones. If there’s someone on your shopping list that loves inspiration quotes, but is also a minimalist, this is the gift for you!


I’ve included a few of my favorite clothing items as they can be used in many different situations. A chambray shirt can be worn over a tank in the summer, under a sweater in winter or on its own. A denim jacket is the perfect traveling companion, especially for a beach destination. And my Sam Edelman ankle boots have eliminated the need for any others. I’m going on my 3rd winter wearing them. They’re so versatile you can wear them with black, denim or anything in between.


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Gift Guide: For the Fitness Fanatic

gift guide best ideas for fitness

water bottle // hair ties // leggings // vegan cookbook // fragrance set // running vest // fitbit // socks // barre3 membership // cookbook // sneakers (more sizes here) // fitness wheel // project juice // salt spray // leggings // deodorant // shower cap // tank


I sound like a broken record, but how is it the first weekend of December?! It’s hard to believe we’ll be welcoming a new year in a few short weeks. I plan to make the most of it by decorating our Christmas tree (my first one in years), celebrating the season with friends and watching The Holiday.


In keeping with my recent gift guides, up today are the best ideas for the fitness fanatic in your life. Outdoor Voices is a semi-new active lifestyle brand that I came across on Instagram earlier this year. Their leggings are at the top of my wish list. I love the multi-color options. Fingers crossed I find a pair under the tree this year!


Also included in this list are a couple of my favorites. I don’t know how I lived without my Swell water bottle. It is in the running for my best purchase of 2016! Another fav of mine are feetures running socks. They are the best I’ve ever worn.


Jim gifted me a similar Nike running vest last year. It’s perfect for layering over a long sleeve shirt for winter runs. I don’t own a pair (yet), but these zella leggings have reached almost legendary status. They get fantastic reviews and everyone I know that owns them, loves them.


There are a few essentials for mid-day workouts: hair ties, sea salt spray, deodorant, perfume and a shower cap if you’re the showering kind. For a gift that doesn’t break the bank, try a fitness wheel. It may seem easy, but I can assure you it’s harder than it looks!


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P.S. Happy birthday to my dad, the biggest fitness freak I know! Every year on his birthday, he does 1 pushup for each year of his life. Today he’ll be leading his workout friends in 65 pushups. Love you dad!

Gift Guide: For the Guys

gift guide best ideas for guys


cooler // drone // shave cream // philips hue // camping pillow // beard oil // flannel // magazine subscription // shirt jacket // first aid kit // sneakers // agenda //  knife // turntable // shorts // boots // cologne // book


Next up in my gift guides are ideas for the guys in your life whether it’s your father, brother or significant other.


For the outdoorsy guy, you can’t go wrong with a camping pillow, first aid kit or the complete outdoors encyclopedia. They don’t have to be outdoorsy to appreciate a YETI cooler. These coolers have a cult-like following for good reason; they keep your items cold for days.


It might be cliche, but I do love gifting clothes to the men in my life. I truly enjoy picking out a piece I think they’d look good in. Bonus points if it’s a new to them brand or it stretches their style comfort zone. My go to gifts are a bonobos flannel shirt, dressed up sneakers from one of my favorite brands and workout clothes. If they are in need of some style help, a subscription to GQ is the way to go.


The philips hue might be my favorite idea on this list. Maybe because I use it If you’re not familiar with hue, it’s a wireless lightbulb system. You put the lightbulbs in the lamp of your choice and then are able to control the lighting via an app on your phone. I never have to get out of bed to turn off a lamp. It’s pretty fantastic. (This also means I am quite lazy.) We have them in our living room (3 different lamps), master bedroom and kids room.


Are there any hard to shop for people in your life? Leave a comment or shoot me an email {}, I’d love to help!


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