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Weekend Roundup: No. 174



Wow. This week has been a doozy. Neither Lawson or Sybil are sleeping well. They put an entire roll of toilet paper in the toilet and tried to flush it. Twice. Lawson broke the glass jar that held our Q-tips. It felt like the last pre-kid thing we owned. I found the dishwasher rack in our bedroom. Lawson emptied their entire dresser into his crib. Twice. Sybil woke up at 4:45 on Wednesday morning. I’m sure I’m missing something, but you get the point.


The only thing that saved me this week was going for a run on Wednesday morning. Fingers crossed it’s the start of a somewhat consistent routine.


Today marks the end of my 30 days without sweets! I’m surprised how many times I reached for a piece of chocolate after lunch or dinner. It’s a good reminder that all those little treats add up.


And in the most exciting news, Jim and I are heading to Santa Barbara on Sunday for a two night vacation. Yes, you read that right…a real vacation…without kids. Our mothers are coming to take care of Lawson and Sybil. I’m looking forward to sitting in the passenger seat instead of squeezed between two carseats, enjoying a meal in an actual restaurant, wandering aimlessly in and out of shops and SLEEP. I will miss my little peanuts though.



Jim and I watched a movie, The Big Sick, on Sunday night. There were a million other things I could (maybe should) have been doing, but watching a movie together won out. I can’t remember the last time we watched a movie!



See above. No need to relive them!



If you’re looking for a long sweater, I came across this halogen cardigan while browsing this week. It comes in petite and regular sizes and a ton of colors. I may be most excited about this jacket and this one for little girls. Both are from Target and very reasonably priced!



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Weekend Roundup: No. 173

Weekend Brunch at The Henry


Happy Friday from Santa Clara, California! The kids and I tagged along on Jim’s school trip. We got here late Wednesday night and will head back to LA on Sunday. We had a doozy of a first night with limited sleep for everyone (it’s rare for Sybil to be the most well rested of us). We seem to be rebounding on night two. Fingers crossed it continues!


It’s finally fall weather and I’m loving it. Now that we’re wearing them all the time, Sybil needed a few warmer tops and pants. I picked up 3 long sleeved tee shirts (this, this and this) and 2 leggings for $25 at Target yesterday. She’s pretty small for her age and I’ve found the Cat & Jack line fits her the best.


How was your Halloween? We had fun trick or treating with Lawson and Sybil. Sybil marched right up (the girl loves food) while Lawson was a little shy.



I’ve been considering redesigning my site for a year now, but didn’t want to spend the money for a custom site design. My dream design duo created empress, home to the most gorgeous blog themes at a very reasonable price. I purchased one this week. Now I need to find time to install it!



Lawson got carsick on our road trip and threw up all over himself and his carseat. It was as disgusting as it sounds. Luckily he was his happy self within minutes. It’s a rite of passage as a parent, right??



Banana Republic has their friends and family event this weekend and everything is 50% off. My friend bought this sweater dress in both colors. I love that it isn’t your typical sweater dress. And if you’ve ever considered buying a leather jacket, I recommend this black moto jacket. Mine is from a few years ago and is one of my investment pieces!


P.S. Happy birthday Mom!


Weekend Roundup: No. 172

Weekend in LA


It’s halloween weekend! It’s the first year Lawson and Sybil are dressing up, which should be interesting. We’re keeping it really low-key with their costumes in the hopes they feel comfortable and wear them!


Since I’m in the middle of giving up sweets for 30 days, our Friday treat tradition is being replaced with a walk to Joan’s on 3rd for the tastiest bran muffin (me) and pumpkin bread (Lawson and Sybil). Tomorrow we’re planning to hit up two Halloween parties and then relaxing and prepping for the week on Sunday.


Even though it was unbearably hot this week, I had a ton of fun playing inside with Lawson and Sybil. We built towers (and then Sybil knocked them down), played hide and seek, made muffins and read lots of books. Maybe it’s the age they are at because they sure are getting to be fun.


Are you celebrating halloween this weekend? Stay safe and eat lots of candy for me!



I taught Lawson how to play hide and seek. It’s been such fun to see him get excited to play. When Jim’s home we play on teams. Lawson usually wants to be on the team that’s hiding!



I managed to fend off Jim’s cold with zinc and lots of water. It appears I’m not going to be that lucky twice. I woke up yesterday with a sore throat and stuffy head again. Hoping it passes quickly.



Last winter J. Crew sold out of this bow neck sweater before I grabbed it. Luckily they brought it back at J. Crew Factory this year. It comes in grey and antique white and is less than $50. Both are gorgeous and would be perfect for holiday events and photos!



Weekend Roundup: No. 171

Weekend at Home


The return to single parenting this week combined with warm temperatures left me a little lazy. It was too hot to go to the park and I didn’t plan much for our days which always makes them longer than when we make an effort to get out of the house. So that’s already my goal for next week.


This weekend I’d love to head to the beach. We haven’t been since the end of August. With plans the next few weekends, if we don’t go now another month will go by before we have the chance again. And what’s the point of living in LA if you don’t go to the beach??


After finding myself consuming too many sweets and spending too much time on Facebook, I made a couple of changes. #1 – I deleted my Facebook app. Now I check from my laptop once every day or two. I haven’t missed it. #2 – I’m giving up sweets for 30 days. I started on Tuesday and the first couple of days have been a little hard. I’m replacing my after the kids are in bed chocolate with a small bowl of popcorn instead.


Tuckernuck is quickly becoming one of my favorite spots for online shopping. They carry Saint James which makes the perfect striped shirt. It’s my favorite shirt I own (worn here, here, here and here) and one of my investment pieces. The shirt along with everything else at Tuckernuck is 20% off this weekend. And because I’ve never met a striped shirt I didn’t like, I have my eye on this one too.



Sybil has all 4 of her molars! The last one popped through on Wednesday night. Fingers crossed this means more sleep for all of us soon.



While I don’t have a true low point this week, I’d consider my lack of planning and general laziness a low.



After being pregnant or nursing for more than the past 3 years (yikes, that seems like a LONG time), I was in need of a new, non-nursing bralette to wear to bed. I had seen rave reviews on Lively. I ordered a few items and love the busty bralette and bikini underwear. I’m still nursing Sybil once in early morning so haven’t worn it a lot, but I am pretty sure I’ll end up with another one on my wish list soon.



Just when I think parenting Lawson and Sybil is hard, I’m reminded how much scarier and difficult it will be in a few years. Keeping them safe now is relatively easy. I am not ready for the day they start asking for their own phones and aren’t sleeping next door to me. Since I have a family history of depression, this article on kids, smartphones and depression hit home.


Have a wonderful weekend friends!