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Instagram is my favorite form of social media. I find daily inspiration in the beautiful images whether it’s a place I’ve never visited, a stylish outfit or a different way to view something I see every day. It’s also a way for me to offer a sneak peek into my daily life. Outfits that may never make the blog, home decor, baby stuff or my latest and greatest meal. If you’re not already on Instagram, get it now and follow me here!


As part of The B Bar’s February Link-Up, we were asked to share our three favorite Instagram accounts to follow and the reasons why we love them. While I do follow some celebrities, brands and bloggers with lots of followers, my favorite accounts are those that seem a little more “real.” Enough talking, let’s get to the photos:


Annie Reeves Instagram


1. Annie Reeves (@anniereeves)

I met Annie at Alt Summit last June and she’s one of the sweetest gals I know. I’ve shared my love of her photography before. She shares images of Charleston, South Carolina that are beautiful and make me want to visit (seriously, it’s on my list for this year or next). And then she’ll throw in some gorgeous cookies like these that make me want to whip a batch right away. Her styling is beautiful. She makes it look effortless even if I know better.


Cacti at the Heard Museum


2. Whatever is Lovelier (@whateverislovelier)

I couldn’t even tell you how I found Kristen’s account, but I’m so glad I did. She has a knack for showcasing Arizona in a way that makes me appreciate the beauty surrounding me each day. I’ve lived here over 10 years and sometimes it seems a cactus is just another cactus. Kristen finds the beauty in the everyday and inspires me to do the same.


Savannah Larsen


3. Savannah Larsen (@savannahlarsen)

I met Savannah last week at a networking event hosted by Bloguettes (they also have a great Instagram account…oops did I just add another to my list?!) She was wearing the cutest tulle skirt and I instantly fell in love with her style. After coming home and immediately following her on Instagram, I spent the next hour looking through her feed. With a mix of style, nature, food and local spots, Savannah has the exact type of account that I love. The fact she’s such a sweetheart doesn’t hurt either!


Now excuse me while I spend a large part of my day looking through all these posts and Instagram accounts in a quest for new inspiration!


1) The B Bar 2) Annie Reeves 3) Alyssa J Freitas 4) Cake & Lilies 5) Liska Monet 6) The Not Quite Adult 7) Equal Parts of a Whole 8) Carrie Loves 9) A Loyal Love 10) Paper and Skyscrapers 11) Glitter, Inc. 12) SKC Marketing 13) Shenanigan-ska 14) Elana Lyn 15) Sponsored by Coffee 16) Always Craving 17) All The Pretty Stars 18) Business Betties 19) Perfect Enough For Us 20) Always Anita 21) A Little Leopard 22) A Girl for Granted 23) Tortoise in the Sun 24) The Yuppie Files 25) Healthfully Ever After 26) Urban Pixxels 27) Roam + Golightly 28) Preppy Panache 29) Brikasia 30) White Cabana 31) Idalia Photography 32) Little Wild Heart 33) Wearing Pearls 34) The Everyday Adventurer 35) Splendor in Spanglish 36) Life Modifier 37) Post Grad in Pumps 38) Alessandra Marie 39) Random Little Faves 40) PR Girl Diaries 41) Caitlin Cawley 42) Modish & Main 43) 26 and Not Counting 44) Pretty Much Design Studio 45) Grace Notes 46) Girl in Betsey 47) Something Good 48) Life with the Champions 49) Pattern Me Pretty 50) Simply Nicole 51) The Fashionable Wife 52) Cassandra Monroe 53) I Am Amber Nicole 54) Southland Avenue 55) English Mamma 56) Cake Over Steak 57) York Avenue 58) Jenn Inspired 59) Hitha on the Go 60) Beauty and the Pitch 61) Cedar and Rush 62) Luv in the Bubble 63) Des Moines Darling 64) Cheyenne Mojica 65) Step Brightly 66) Soak and Simmer 67) A Touch of Teal 68) Paris vs The World 69) Style and Free 70) Lovely Friend 71) A Few of My Favorite Things 72) The Blue Bijou 73) PR Blonde 74) Leigh Clair 75) Moonlight Chai 76) Meg Biram 77)Victoria McGinley

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  • Thank you for including me, friend!! xoxoxoxo

    Annie Reeves

  • I completely agree with you – Instagram accounts that seem more authentic are the absolute best! And, I must say, as a northern gal stuck with a foot of snow on the ground, images of cactuses are most welcome in my feed. Great picks!

    • I grew up in Minnesota and know how you feel! I’ll be singing a different tune this summer when it’s consistently over 100!

  • I’ve seen Annie Reeves on quite a few of the link-up participant’s lists… I just hopped on the bandwagon! Thanks!

    • Annie is a gem! Beautiful photography and sweet as can be – a perfect combination!

  • Heath

    Love Annie’s feed and thanks for the introduction to the others!

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  • Love the picks!

    Connie | Sponsored by Coffee | Bloglovin’

  • Erica, thank you for sharing your faves. The linkup has been so fun! I followed Kristen, Annie and you, too. Your feed is beautiful. Love your style (both with and without the bump!)



  • Yes, I love all of these Insta Accounts also! Savannah’s outfits are always on point. It was great connecting with you again on this linkup!

  • Love your picks – makes me want to ditch super-cold Chicago for Arizona, not gonna lie!