Weekend Roundup: No. 186

It’s one of my favorite weekends of the year! The Masters golf tournament started yesterday. It will forever remind me of being at the hospital and watching between contractions. Although his birthday isn’t until Monday, we’re starting Lawson’s birthday celebrations…

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Weekend Roundup: No. 185

Happy Friday, especially if it’s a long weekend for some of you!  The weather has been pretty fantastic the past few days. Sunny, warm, but not too hot, and cool in the evenings. We’ve gone outside both before and after…

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Spring Wish List

Yesterday felt like the best kind of spring day…sunny, warm and a slight breeze. If you’ve been getting snowstorm after snowstorm, I’m sorry, I promise spring will come eventually! I seem to spend most of my annual clothing budget in…

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Our Complete Whole30 Meal Plan

As promised, today I’m sharing our complete Whole30 meal plan. Yes, you read that right. What we ate for our entire Whole30 experience. Every breakfast, lunch and dinner. While doing Whole30 with two young kids (ages 1.5 and almost 3)…

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