Weekend Roundup: No. 188

Happy weekend from Minnesota! We traveled last week for my cousin’s wedding (this is one of our attempts at a family photo). Since Jim has finals and a school trip the next couple of weeks, I decided to stay with…

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A Clean Beauty Giveaway!

April is one of my favorite months. Birthdays of my favorite people, the Masters golf tournament (yes, I really love it), Earth Day, warmer weather. To celebrate, I am doing a clean beauty giveaway on Instagram of a few favorite…

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Today’s post is one I look forward to each month – another linkup with EmPress Themes! This time the topic is goals. After reading through, make sure you check out the rest of the posts. They are probably more on…

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A Letter to Lawson: You’re 3!

A week ago (and the three days leading up to it) we celebrated Lawson’s turning 3 years old! We went on a mama and Lawson date, hosted a party complete with mini-cupcakes, spent the morning at the beach, painted at…

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