Wardrobe Consulting

Do you look in your closet and think “I don’t have anything to wear” even though you have a closet full of clothes? Do you struggle to identify your personal style? Or just want to reinvigorate your wardrobe? If any of these sound familiar, I’d love to help you out!


Package I: Purge ($125)
We’ll start with a closet assessment from clothing to accessories, including elimination of items. You’ll receive a tax donation form and all donated items will be removed from your home. You’ll immediately feel refreshed by the cleanup! We’ll also perform a style assessment understanding your lifestyle and favorites brands. Afterwards, I’ll compile a list of essentials you may be lacking. This process typically takes 3-4 hours.
Package II: Plan ($75)
If after the closet assessment, it’s determined you need some new items for your closet, we’ll put together a budget and prioritize purchases. I’ll provide you links to essentials within your budget and create a secret Pinterest board with styling options for both existing and new clothing and accessories. This process is typically performed via email.
Package III: Purchase ($125)
Should you want some assistance purchasing new items, I’ll be able to assist you with online and/or in store purchases. All online purchases will be shipped directly to your door. Our focus will be on getting the most purchases within your pre-determined budget by maximizing discounts; my goal is never to pay full price. This process varies in time commitment.



Personal Shopping
Event/Vacation Styling
Closet Refresh

$45 per hour

  • J Chandler

    Do you offer any of these services virtually? I live in Oregon and am curious if we could do this over the phone/internet?

    • Hi – thank you for your interest! I could definitely do the planning and purchasing virtually. Most of the planning is done via email. The purging would be more difficult. I’d be happy to send you the questions I ask my clients when going through their closet purge and working with you on the essentials you may be lacking. Feel free to email me directly at with any questions!