My Best Purchase of 2014

My best purchase of 2014


As part of The Well’s Linkup, I was challenged to share my favorite purchase of 2014. I actually had a really hard time coming up with it. What did I purchase that became invaluable to me? An article of clothing? I bought a lot of things last year that I truly love and envision having for years. Something for our home? I bought a Le Creuset that I now can’t imagine cooking without, but that was in 2013.


What started as thinking about my favorite fashion purchases, like the dress, heels, clutch and necklace I’m wearing in this photo at Alt Summer (which I truly love), led me to the most influential buy of the year: a ticket to Alt Summit last June. Alt Summit is a business conference for bloggers and creatives. I was still new to blogging having started Luv in the Bubble about seven months earlier. I hadn’t met many other bloggers and felt as though I was on my own island. Attending Alt Summit was a game changer for me.


It was the first conference I’ve ever attended where I felt I was meant to be. Nothing against the accounting conferences I previously frequented, but here were hundreds of women (and a few men) doing what they loved. They were smart, stylish and full of creative ideas. Being around them was inspiring.


The classes offered were a mix of hands on experience and lecture style. All of the speakers seemed larger than life, but were actually down to earth and very approachable. From photo styling to using Pinterest more effectively to tips on growing a small blog. I left with a ton of practical knowledge and a huge to do list.


My blog conference experience is pretty limited, but I believe Alt Summit does a great job of connecting brands and bloggers. I met some great brands that I had the pleasure of working with last year. Without making those relationships at Alt Summit, I know I wouldn’t have had the same opportunities.


Best of all, I met some fantastic women that have become part of my community. I love following along with them through their blogs, Instagram and Twitter. It’s fun to celebrate their success and life events even from afar. Meeting them inspired me to find people and events that are local to me in Phoenix.


Oh yeah, I also heard Joy Cho and Martha Stewart speak. That was pretty cool too. I’m bummed to miss Alt Winter, which starts today, but I know I’ll be back soon!


photo by Justin Hackworth for Alt Summit


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